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Birth Preparation

What does preparing for labor and delivery look like with a pelvic floor physical therapist?

  • Connecting to your breath- learning how to properly breathe into your diaphragm and then using your breath to:

    • Lengthen your pelvic floor to allow for easier vaginal delivery.​

    • Relax your body during labor.

    • Activate your abdominal muscles to assist in pushing.

  • Learn positions to use during labor to allow for optimal pelvic opening. 

  • Learn various birthing positions that work best for your body.

  • If appropriate- work directly with your pelvic floor so you can learn how to feel it as it relaxes and contracts.  Many women have difficulty connecting with their pelvic floors.  Being able to connect to the part of the body that's responsible for delivering your baby can make the process easier.  

  • Perform Spinning Babies© techniques:

    • These techniques not only help the turn a breech baby, but also can improve pain in pregnancy, and allow to better prepare the body for labor and delivery, likely leading to a decreased chance of Cesarean delivery.​

  • Teach exercises/activities that can be done early in postpartum to improve function and lead to a quicker recovery. ​

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