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  • What IS pelvic floor physical therapy?

    • This type of therapy addresses the entire body, with an increased focus on the pelvic floor muscles, which often are accessed internally (vaginal or rectally).  We will give you a thorough explanation of what this type of treatment would include, and why, prior to starting. You can always decline internal work- you are in control of your body during our sessions

  • .What can I expect at my first appointment?

    • We will review your medical history, talk about issues you are currently dealing with, answer any questions you have, and discuss your goals for treatment. In addition, we will talk about the anatomy of the pelvic floor and its connections to the rest of your body. We will then initiate the physical exam, which may or may not include an internal assessment that first day.  At the end of your first session, a plan is created to determine areas of initial focus and frequency of care.  Even though the evaluation is technically only the first appointment, the evaluation process is continuous throughout your care. 

  • I can't get childcare to come to PT. Can I bring my child?

    • Of course! We understand that it can be challenging to find time to take care of yourself. We are a kid-friendly office and as long as you think you can get a quality session in with your child present, we would love to meet your little ones!We might also ask you to bring your baby in to work on ergonomics with bottle/breastfeeding or other tasks that are affecting your recovery. We even have a changing table and a few toys for little ones to play with. We don't want childcare to get in the way of your recovery!

  • What should I wear to my sessions?

    • Comfortable, loose fitting clothing that you can easily move in​.  Each session includes hands-on assessments, so access to your body is needed. Examples include loose shorts/sweats, sports bra and T-shirt. If you forget, or if we need more access for treatment, we also have hospital gowns.

  • Do you treat men and women?

    • Yes, we treat all genders for pelvic floor dysfunction.   

  • Will my insurance cover my treatments?​

    • Transition PT services are covered by your insurance out-of-network PT benefits. You will be given a detailed invoice after each visit to submit for reimbursement.    

  • What are your fees?

    • Evaluations are $225 and each follow up appointment is $185. Appointments are each an hour long.  

    • You will be charged at time of service, and there is no surprise billing. 

  • What are your COVID precautions?

    • We are fully vaccinated and boosted. 

    • We will stay home if we have any COVID symptoms and we ask you to do the same. 

  • Do you accept Medicare patients?

    • Unfortunately, Medicare patients must see Medicare providers, and are not allowed to pay out-of-pocket for skilled therapy.  If you want to embark on a "wellness" or "maintenance" program, we can possibly see you for that. Please call to discuss if this may be an option for you. 

  • Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

    •  Virginia is now a Direct Access state. This means that you can be seen without a referral.  However, if you are being followed by a medical provider for the issue that brings you to therapy, a referral may be necessary.  We can discuss this prior to, or at your first appointment. 

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    • Cancelling within 24 business hours of your appointment results in a 50% charge. A "no show" (not alerting provider to cancellation) results in a full charge. 

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