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We offer thorough, personalized treatments to each patient. How can we do this? Being an out-of-network provider allows US to determine your level of care, not the insurance company.  Your care is not dictated by your insurance company's time and treatment limitations.

Because of this, we can spend more time with each patient, and ultimately offer a higher level of care. We know you want to return to being 100% YOU, without limitations. That's what we are here for. 


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"I began seeing Katie during the last few month of my pregnancy when my body wasn’t happy. Katie not only did a great job of zeroing in on what the issue was and how to help, but she was also great at explaining the why and what was happening to help me understand my body better. I continued to see Katie postpartum while I recovered and she helped with my diastasis recti separation as well as pelvic floor. She wasn’t just fixing the problem, she was empowering me to help myself. On top of all of that, Katie is awesome to be around and the hour appointment goes by in a flash because you feel like you’re just chatting with a friend! But next thing you know, you’re not peeing yourself when you sneeze!"

Kim H. - former patient

"Katie has been instrumental in my healing from a twin pregnancy and c-section delivery over the past 18 months. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and very realistic about what real people actually can and will do in terms of at-home exercises. I wish I had found her several years ago when my first was born! I can't recommend her highly enough."

Abigail R. - former patient

"I worked with Katie after both of my pregnancies and my sessions with her were incredibly valuable in feeling strong and comfortable in my body again. It can be easy to ignore pelvic issues with the busyness of taking care of a new baby, but I’m so glad I invested the time in working with Katie. She is incredibly knowledgeable and had very practical takeaways for me to work with each week. Beyond that, she is a pleasure to spend time with and makes the sessions fun and empowering."

Melanie H.- former patient

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